Marcello Maiorana

An hyper imaginative mixed-media artist, passionate in creating images and stories.

Marcello Maiorana is not jus a photographer. He’s an all-round artist; a volcanic person that keeps his creativity unbridled.
The artist creates his projects without ever defines genres as a converging stream of narrative, photography, illustration, and cinematography.
His playful and detailed art takes inspiration from the contemporary time, expressed in a final mixedmedia artwork. Playing with the images is at the base of his works, that shifts traditional perspective for a more surreal and unexpected reality.  

Marcello likes to think of his mind as a old-fashion factory, with red brick walls and steaming pipes. But his factory is quite peculiar, it only has three windows. These windows link the contents of his mind with the outside world. 

One to take pictures, one to tell stories and one to illustrate. 

Creating ideas requires energy and many raw materials. Marcello draws inspiration from moments in everyday life; movies, books and games are big resources too. As for the main energy source he loves chocolate and coffee.
So in few words he transforms chocolate into art.

Marcello studied 3D animation and cinematography at the ACT Multimedia in Rome in 2009, to later expand and complete his Photography Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where, as the old song says, he left of his heart.


Honorable Mention, Relaxed Minds, International Photography Awards, 2018
Honorable Mention, Small Adventurers, Tokyo International Foto Awards, 2017
Honorable Mention, Wizard's chore, International Photography Awards, 2017
Honorable Mention, Black Smoke, International Photography Awards, 2017
Honorable Mention, Astroglass, International Photography Awards, 2016
Honorable Mention, Molten gold, International Photography Awards, 2016
Finalist, Nude of a woman, Photographer's Forum, 2015
Finalist, A fine trip, Photographer's Forum, 2015
Honorable Mention, Small Adventurers, International Photography Awards, 2015
2nd Place, The bottled treasure, International Photography Awards, 2014
Finalist, reasTEAing, Photographer's Forum, 2014
Finalist, Breakfast ninja, Photographer's Forum, 2013