Why do you want an artist residency at DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts]?

This would be my first ever residency and I couldn’t think of a cooler place than New York to start, especially if located in Brooklyn which I’ve only recently fully explored and immediately fell in love, but more on that later.

It took me some time to search for a neat place for a residency and I got positive vibes from just reading about the past projects developed at DE-CONTRUKT, also the idea of working on my personal project in a new environment is very crucial for my creative process, I like long walks to capture interesting details from people and things around me; and as I mentioned before, last year trip to NY opened my mind. I’only been once to NY before that, but I didn’t experience the city fully… I was a tourist. But last year I decided to avoid anything tourist-related and live the city in a different way.

It excites me beyond expectations to maybe have the chance to relive that experience and this time while working on a new artistic project; one that I’m very fond of.


What project(s) are you exploring during your stay?

The project I’m currently developing is a L.I.O.N. (Live Interactive Online Narrative) a modern take of the classic “choose your own adventure” book, popular in 80’s and 90’s my favorite of all: Richard Brightfield The Dragon’s Den. 

During my stay I want to mainly focus on character design and the creation of the world where the story will take place; I want to work towards the realization of a pilot episode (chapter 0) that will ignite the story for future episodes; in the style of a comic book. 

I also envision the project going far, maybe in the future this project could become an interactive visual novel or even an adventure videogame. But I need to start somewhere, and the creation of the chapter 0  feels the right first step. I want to spend my days at the residency drawing and creating all the elements and events needed to build the fundament for later chapters.


How can the public engage with your project(s) at DE-CONSTRUKT?

When I saw this question a big smile grow on my face. My project is mostly based on people choices; it’s an interactive tale and having access to interact with people is just wonderful. People can propose ideas that will add a layer of uniqueness to the whole project. People can name places, characters, customizing their appearances their weapons, item and more. The idea is to engage with a large group of people giving them a way to partecipate with this art project; crediting them almost like in the movie special thanks section. 

I will prepare blank templates where the audience can write down and craft elements of the story which I’ll incorporate in the pilot or later chapters; and for each participants I will make exclusive art prints that will be made only for this event, as a token of appreciation.


What is the most exciting thing you did in 2017?

Traveling. The 2017 was the year of traveling and exploring; New York, Paris, Milan and Turin where great location to escapes for a couple of weeks and hit the “refresh” button, those locations helped me start thinking about this project, plus another one that I’ve successfully started at the beginning of this year. If the 2017 was the year of brainstorming  I want the 2018 be the year of “harvesting.”