Live Interactive Online Narratives

“Fight the Orc; go to page 213. Talk you way out: go to page 415.”

This is what you would probably see at the end of an encounter, if you are reading a “choose your own adventure book” a typical decision that will make you choose a path and lead you to two possible endings.

I loved this type of books as a kid, there were many versions exploring different genres, medieval/fantasy, space, detective and more. But they started to become more and more uncommon as I grew up; eventually video games took over, no page turning but good quality graphics. 

With a L.I.O.N. project I want to bring back that aesthetics in our modern social era, interacting with the audience so to craft a unique story.


chapter 0 | a new beginning


Uno undressed  - Uno Rebel outfit #1

Uno undressed  - Uno Rebel outfit #1

Uno, base design

Uno is the brave protagonist of my first L.I.O.N. adventure.

Chapter 0 is a sort of pilot to give context and explain the world/universe around the main character.
This chapter is focused on Uno’s backstory that will forge the complete character, later to be seen in the following chapters. 

Uno known background

We don't know much about him, other than that he has been raised by another family on a planet far from home; Uno comes from the Feliani race, a stripe-less golden fur guy. Feliani are scattered across the universe with major colonies in all 8 sectors, it's common for a Felian to take chargers as powerful administrational figures.
He’s not much of a talkative soul, but what he lacks in words he compensate in intellect, as a skillful thinker Uno can repair, build or troubleshoot almost anything, his forte is electronics, so even a simple remote could become a weapon in his hands.


concept design 

Uno's custom modular swiss-knife tool, modded from the massively commercialized Katboi game console.  


nor friends or enemy

Uno only trustworthy friend is his mentor, his new family all he's got since was separated from his real parents, plus this unknown character is one of the most wanted criminal in almost every sector, so it's only understandable if Uno has hard time get to know other people.  

Chapter 0  |  from rebel to hero

With the completion of chapter 0 it will be uncovered the catalyst event that will turn the Rebel Uno into the famous StarCaptain the whole 8 sectors know.
The whole chapter takes place on Illiok 5, a rocky planet in the III zone of sector 4; far enough from the reach of the Sidereal Corps which makes a good hideout for wanted figures; meaning that danger is always around the corner,especially when a caped figure showed up on the surface of the planet. 
But Uno is not an unprepared rookie, he knows how to deal with problems even if sometimes things seems to end up very bad for him.