Small Adventurers Mini Series

Tangible Mirage I

This peculiar desert is the creation of a not so sharp Genie, that instead of “wish-granting dessert” he understood desert, so this abnormally vast desert can literally make anything appear as long as you walk far enough to find it.


Behind the Image

This is one of the few mini series where the story couldn’t be told in just one picture. I wanted to use kinetic sand, a weird type of sand the can holds shapes, almost as clay, recreating a desert scenery in the studio.

Whenever I can I like to tide together the stories in my pictures, using same props suggesting that those stories happened in the same world in different times.


Coins Express

Yolan is the most renown train conductor in the financial world. His train stations are based in all the most famous banks around the globe; making sure that transactions are execute with perfect timing. His trusted engine the coins express has never let him down, even in the worst weathers the steaming tank will bring him where he needs to be.


Behind the Image

In this mini series I wanted to show another passion of mine that is train models. For some unknown reason I was always drawn to train models, honestly I really don’t know why. So when there was the opportunity to shoot inside the old San Francisco mint, I immediately picture a steamy train carrying golden coins.