How to become and Adventurer

Behind the Scene

Purely Natural

Not many people know about Sasha's true job; thanks to her orange trees in the southern lands she was able to grow wonderful purely organic oranges, and now for only 10 cents everybody can get a refreshing glass of Vitamin C.

Behind the Image

This is by far my favorite image of the whole series. The idea came from my friend’s love for handmade fruit juice, which she made on daily basis. I had to experiment with hand drawn features such as the metal pipe and sale poster. The poster stand is instead made in 3D directly in Photoshop.


Sir Jeans and the golden Needle

As last Sir Jeans entered the deepest cell of the dungeon, he stood still gazing at the legendary golden needle shining in the dark.
A hidden peril was nigh. A gust of wind blew out the torches, the needle wasn’t the only thing shining in the darkness anymore...

Behind the Image

I’ve been always passionate with medieval tales and dragons, also, at that time, I had a jeans jacket and pants that when worn together they reminded me a knight armor. The clothes cave is a reference of the pile of clothes that was always on my bed, which I referred to “the Mountain”


Garden of Cards

Lina and Anna know how to take care of these rare paper plants so they can bloom only the best quality playing cards; getting rid of those pesky jokerweeds is key to get a genuine 52 cards deck all from one plant.

Behind the Image

The word “seed” was the main concept for this one. I played with the idea of growing trees out of playing cards suits mainly because the Italian word for cards suits is “semi” which also translate as “seeds” giving to the picture a second layer of depth if you can catch that reference.


Breakfast Ninja

Some people live the day as their last one, others prefer to live a simple life.
"There are so few certainties in this ephemeral world," pondered aloud the skillful ninja “except one, I won’t never skip breakfast.”

Behind the Image

I’ve created this image along side with the one with the girl and orange, to portrait my favorite food, in this case Nutella, but in a broader sense all type of chocolate. The breakfast ninja is the first ever fictional character I made when I start this series, always ready to steal your food when you are not looking.



Mysterious and smart, Lady P. will enjoy her carefree stay at the exclusive PalmHotel a 6 star resort, with never-ending Margarita refills, and lime-flavored sparkling water jacuzzi.

Behind the Image

One of the few images that was shot on location, using physical props, as the chair and wooden platform, secured on a real palm tree right on the shore of the real ocean.


Broken Memories

This intricate duo is always ready to take on challenges related with old toys. The same toys you played with as a kid, now forgotten, thanks to them will become anew and will be delivered to the new generation that will take them on great journeys.

Behind the Image

Once I was walking in the prop room of a photo studio and saw that yellow beetle; it was as he spoke to me; immediately I knew I had to create a picture with him. The theme instead is from an old sign that hangs on our garage door. it says “Dad’s fix-it shop. specialized in broken toys”



Unwind the stress and enjoy all the little moments.

Behind the image

Tea after coffee is probably my favorite beverage, the incredible amount of types and qualities is what intrigues me. It’s almost like I enjoy more picking the right tea for the moment than drinking it. So with that idea in mind I wanted to create a character, a companion for the breakfast ninja, that can assimilate tea giving her different abilities.


An Odd Gamble

Vize is working on another too-good-to-be-true deal with a poor soul; knowing exactly what number will come next in the game of the roulette seems a pretty good deal. Indeed it is; what the little devil forgot to mention is that the number will be also the amount of years the poor soul will lose after playing. Always read the terms and condition!

Behind the Image

I don’t like to gamble, but the game of Roulette has a weird charm; of course the game is crafted with odds against you, but it has an unusually randomizer that makes it stand out from other casino games. The narrative here is pretty straightforward, so I balanced the images with more effect and photo manipulations.


Learning from Mistakes

Zul found out in a old diary, that his grandmother was an explorer that in an hot air balloon expedition crashed in a far away land; the old woman never came back, the diary lost for years but when finally ended up in her grandson hands it was the beginning of a new chapter.

Behind the Image

Heavily influenced by the Wizard of Oz (you can catch a glimpse in the top left corner) I wanted to create an image with the concept of improving from past experiences, as if someone had to read trough the adventure of Oz and learn from his mistakes


Food Toner

After years spent in a cold lab perfecting his great project Dr. Ello is happy to announce his latest invention: the LunchBox (name pending) With the brain of a genius and the heart of an artist, the scientist will solve the problem of the "starving artist.”

Behind the Image

I believe everyone at least once had the desire to materialize objects from photos or drawing. I had that cardboard box laying around in my room for months and finally I found a purpose, this machine works because... science!